September 19, 2020

Who Is Aging in Place & What Are the Most Popular Remodeling Projects?

As seniors get older, they aren’t able to do the things they used to do with ease. Climbing stairs becomes more difficult. Some seniors may be confined to a wheelchair after surgery or as the result of chronic illness. Overall mobility declines, making the physical layout of many standard homes hard to navigate.

In terms of remodeling, aging in place is the trend of modifying the family home to meet these mobility challenges so that seniors don’t have to sell the home they love and move away from a community they’ve known for decades. It is a cost-effective solution that provides assurances and stability, both of which can greatly improve quality of life.

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Due to the shifting demographics nationwide, some entire communities are “aging in place,” particularly in the North and Midwest, regions younger folk are abandoning for better job prospects in the South and Southwest.

The exact number of Americans who intend to make modifications to their homes in order to age in place, however, is hard to quantify. That is partly because the term aging itself can be elusive. There is no specific age at which a given person can consider themselves “old”; exercise, dietary habits, occupation, and genetics all play a role in keeping seniors active.

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