September 19, 2020

The Difference between GRE and GMAT Explained!

There are different types of tests out there that you have to choose from for your future. Every test gets you to a particular destination. But sometimes a wrong test picked with a different dream can annoy you. The point is you should know about the test and the consequences of that specific test you take.

You might have heard of that many individuals who take the GRE are even taking the test of GMAT, or vice versa.  Well, here you could be wondering which of this test is easier or which is better in case you think of getting your MBA.   Certainly, by now GMAT vs GRE could be popping up in your mind.  In case you are bothered about what exactly the GMAT is and how this test differs from that of the GRE, then this post could answer all your questions.

What do you need for MBA?

The GMAT is the standardized test for Business school. Just like the GRE, it is formed up of a Verbal and Quantitative segment. Unlike the GRE, the two sections are associated to cater a compound score of eight hundred. The GMAT cannot be used in place of the exam of GRE, so unless you are going to business school, there is no requirement to go for this test of GMAT.

Unlike the GMAT, that are for individuals applying to business school, the GRE is acknowledged by different types of attributed business schools (ever hear of Harvard or Stanford?). However, it is not to say all the top business programs recognize a GRE score. It is always recommended that you check with the business program to search out which ones accept GRE scores.

Which test is easier: GRE or GMAT?

You know what it depends. That is, it depends on who is taking the exam and their fortes. For the individuals who have strong Quant skills the GRE math is going to appear to be easy. The GMAT math is apparently more daunting. So, in case you struggle with Quant the GMAT is certainly going to seem absolutely difficult.

On the other side, in case you struggle to get the tones of vocabulary and style, the GRE verbal section might be absolutely difficult. That does not mean that the GMAT verbal is any easy. But the Sentence Corrections segment is more of discipline of grammar, and the individuals who have logical minds inclined to be more skilful at swiftly sifting through an untidiness of words to find grammatical errors.

For business school candidates, you should ensure that your program acknowledges the GRE. If that is the case, see which of these tests better brag about your strengths. If you are not definite, then you can take guidance of professionals too.


Thus, the bottom line is that GMAT vs GRE is just an assumption. Both the tests have their importance.  You just have to figure out which one would be more apt for your specific future goals. Once you decide that, go ahead and prepare well and nail it.

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