Greater plantain (plantago major)

Greater plantain (plantago major) is a very common weed in lawns and disturbed ground all over the UK. Plantago major has many common names. These include broad-leaved plantain, common plantain, rat-tail plantain, great waybrede and wibrow. Native americans also called it White Mans Foot and Englishmans foot. This is because it spread from puritan settlers villages along tracks and… Read More »

Chafer grub identification and control in your lawn

In previous blogs I have looked at what is a chafer grub and the life cycle of the chafer beetle. In this post I’ll be looking at how to identify chafer grubs, and what you can do to control them in your lawn. Chafer grub damage to look for … Before considering a remedial treatment, you need to… Read More »

What is a chafer grub?

A chafer grub is the larval stage of a chafer beetle. They are white C-shaped grubs with a brown head and 3 pairs of legs at the front of their body. Chafer beetles are the common name for one of many species of Scarabaeidae flying beetles in the UK. The adults beetles emerge from their pupa in the ground… Read More »