Moss in lawns: “worst I’ve ever seen!”

My business is lawn care. I visit hundreds of customers on a regular basis and talk to them about their grass. One of my customers is an elderly gentleman, in his eighties. He often tells me that he has lived in the same house for over sixty years. He is a keen gardener and loves his lawns. In… Read More »

Question: Dog lichen taking over dry lawn

I received this question from a reader posted on a comment in March 2017 on my blog post about dog lichen. Hi Kris, We have dog lichen in our garden for about five years and are unable to get rid of it. We have decided to re lawn but are wondering how we should treat the soil before… Read More »

Mind-your-own-business (soleirolia soleirolii)

Mind-your-own-business (Soleirolia soleirolii) is a very small, but troublesome perennial lawn weed. It can become very difficult to control if allowed to spread onto a lawn. It often begins to grow in a shady, damp corner and easily spreads into the grass. The latin name soleirolia literally means “one species” and the plant also has a latin synonym Helxine soleirolii. It is also… Read More »