Pink patch lawn disease (limonomyces roseipellis)

By | 07/01/2018

Pink patch (limonomyces roseipellis) is a parasitic fungus which can infect lawn grass. It often appears in conjunction with red thread lawn disease, causing similar symptoms. The disease causes areas of grass to discolour. These are usually circular, but they can coalesce into larger areas. These patches can appear over a few days, and may stay for several… Read More »

Mowing scar on your lawn

By | 29/12/2017

A mowing scar on a lawn seem to be one of the least understood aspects of lawn care. I am often asked “why does my lawn look brown after I mow it”? In this post I try to explain what causes a mowing scar, how to prevent it and how to repair it. What is a mowing scar?… Read More »

Mowing your lawn in the winter

By | 20/12/2017

Should I mow my lawn in the winter? On my rounds as a lawn care technician, I am often asked this by customers. My answer is always “it depends“. From a horticultural perspective, grass does not need mowing during the winter. Grass needs a temperature of at least 5°C for shoot growth. Soil temperatures in the winter are often… Read More »