September 19, 2020


So, you’ve created or started something very great and now you want to share with relevant people, to generate leads or sales.

Your prospects are expected to collect hundreds of alerts from Twitter or LinkedIn in a day. So, there is a good chance that your email might get ignored. The best thing is to reach them through email. But now the question is how to find their email?

Over the years, I’ve sent thousands of emails and used hundreds of Email finding or email verifying tools. Now, based on my experience, I want to tell which is best and convenient. I’m going to talk about simple ways of finding an email here. You don’thave to scansocial media networking pages.

In this situation, we have three options. It takes less than five minutes in each of the following three methods to find an email address.

Option 1(Most convenient): Use the “Find Email Address” Tool:

When it comes to outreach, “Find Email Address” can become your best friend. The method is straightforward. Place in the first and last name of someone as well as the organization domain with whom they work hit the button and boom, you’ll get their email.

When you can’t find out which client is working for which organization, then this tool won’t be useful for you. The prospect is always a contractor and not an employee in a particular company. You may be fortunate to place “” as the domain in this case. 

Option 2: Export relations from LinkedIn:

You’re in luck when you’re linked to the LinkedIn influencer. There is a slightly secret method for collecting all your LinkedIn connections information. Here’s how

  • Sign-in from your account to LinkedIn.
  • Press at “Connections.”
  • Select the button on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Click on “Import LinkedIn Connections.”
  • Export as a file. CSV.
  • Open the CSV.
  • Enter the prospect name and email address.

Note: This strategy can result in a spam penalty if you misuse it for list construction.

Option 3: Strategically Finding of Emails:

You may be lucky to find the email address of a person through a web search. A web search algorithm can scan millions of pages in seconds, so it’s one of the best ways to search for such a basic piece of information as an email address

 To get the best results, use a large and powerful search engine like Google. You can attempt to narrow down the results by using any of the multitudes of specialized Google Search commands.

For example, placing the name of a person in quotations (e.g. “Sally Holmes”) refines the data to only reflect cases where both the first and last names are present. But, if the guy you’re searching for has a common name, such as “John Smith,” you’ll need some extra information.

Although this solution is more complex, the guessing of their email can take minutes. If the influencer works at a single business and has a company email address, this strategy has a higher probability of success:

Here is the procedure:

  • Search for other company email addresses.
  • Input the specificperson’s name into the search engine.
  • Verify Email with Email Finder

Final Thoughts:

There are many other ways of finding an email but I found these steps more convenient than any other. Here is a pro tip for you that after finding the email, always verify it. There could be chances of mistakes in email and this could result in a waste of your time and email. So, verify them before sending an Email.

You can use “Find Email Address” as an email verifier. Place the name and domain on this tool and you will get the result if the email is correct.

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