Yellow club fungus (clavulinopsis helvola)

Yellow club fungus is a species of coral fungus in the Clavariaceae family. The latin name for the species is clavulinopsis helvola. The generic name Clavaria comes from the Latin clava, meaning a club and helvola means pale yellow, so it is literally a ‘pale yellow club’. Club fungus will grow to a a similar height to mown grass, so can be overlooked.… Read More »

Question: Should you remove the conifer root ball for a lawn?

I recently received a great lawn care question from a reader Sunil. His emailed me his question after reading my article, why doesn’t grass grow around my conifer tree? Hi Kris I have tried several things during last year to try to improve the lawn (reseeding, aerating soil, fertiliser, lime to reduce the acidity) under 3 pine trees in… Read More »

Moss in lawns: “worst I’ve ever seen!”

My business is lawn care. I visit hundreds of customers on a regular basis and talk to them about their grass. One of my customers is an elderly gentleman, in his eighties. He often tells me that he has lived in the same house for over sixty years. He is a keen gardener and loves his lawns. In… Read More »