September 20, 2020

Beautiful Bathroom Basins and Vessel Sinks

New bathroom basins can turn you old sinks into masterpieces. Nothing will beautify your bath like a glass bathroom vessel sink, or one made bathroom basin of metal or ceramic. They come in so many different styles today, from the elegant and sophisticated to the downright playful.

You can even purchase a little light ring that is installed at the place where the basin meets the sink vanity, which shines upward and illuminates a tinted glass vessel sink from underneath. It’s a real showstopper.

There are a couple of things to consider when buying your new bathroom basin. First of all you will usually have to install a new vessel sink faucet. These are taller than the usual plumbing fixtures to fit over the rim of the bowl which is, after all, above the counter. We particularly like the vessel sink trough faucets, which look like mini old-fashioned kitchen pump handles, but in lovely finishes like brass or bronze or even gold tone. There are also faucets that come right out from the wall above the bowl sink, but these require some plumbing work.

Secondly, you will definitely have to choose a new vessel sink vanity. You obviously cannot reuse your old counter with that big hole in it. These come in many styles, from oriental to Mediterranean and modern. If you have a handyman in your family, sometimes an old dresser or vintage end table can be done over for this purpose with stunning results. Make sure that you use a waterproof finish on the top, though.

There are a few new vessel sinks that don’t need a vanity or cabinet at all, as they attach to the wall with an ornate bracket. These would be very good for small baths, like a powder room.

Thirdly, consider who will be using the sink. Most bathroom vessel sinks do not come with an overflow option. That means that if the bowl fills up, it will overflow if there is a stopper in it. If you have children, might want to search for a basin that has an overflow release feature. There are some, but not a great abundance of these.

Finally, remember that some plumbing work with new pipes might be necessary. But overall, the effect of beautiful bathroom basins can really ramp up the style in your home. All your friends will want one, too.


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