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Here in the north west of England we don’t get a lot of snow.

When it does snow we usually get a decent covering and it can stay around for a couple of weeks. Find out how snow affects your lawn and what you can do to help it through the cold winter days.

Will snow harm my lawn?

By | 13/01/2017

During the winter I am often asked if a layer of snow will harm the grass. The basic answer is no, it will not harm grass at all. In England, your cool-season grass will be happy and content even under a thick blanket. In England we grow cool season grasses, which are quite at home in mild temperatures of a… Read More »

6 Tips for Winter Lawn Care

By | 02/01/2017

Considering undertaking any winter lawn care tasks can seem pointless during the winter months. Many families rarely see sun during the cold months of the year. Leaving for work or school before sunrise, and then returning after sunset. There are many problems which poor lawn grass can suffer from during the winter. Ignoring these too long can mean… Read More »