September 22, 2020

Day in the Life of a Garrison Commander

A Garrison Commander is responsible for the operations, management, and safety of the garrison and its personnel/visitors. To that end, garrisons of the future should have the ability to improve situation awareness, threat detection, threat identification, and threat mitigation. Scenario below discusses a potential day in the life of a Garrison Commander in the future with situations that may occur at certain times throughout his day.

02:00 Hrs. – Garrison commander, YTD video downloader crack  who has opted to be alerted for Threat Level Alpha, is awakened by an Alert on his phone stating a is drone 2 miles from the post was intercepted by the Smart Surveillance system and was determined to carry a small bomb in its fuselage.

The drone was commandeered to land at monitoring site 5 miles away and the bomb was disabled. Threat averted! With CONUS installations managing tactical operations abroad with autonomous vehicles, they have become targets for attack. Sophisticated systems ingesting vast amounts of data from sensors and surveillance systems use Artificial Intelligence to determine threats versus non-threats, decrease false positives and take action in an automated fashion. Automated threat mitigation relies on analytics from machine learning along with advanced/robust network communications to enable real-time decision making.

07:00 Hrs. – Commander gets ready for work and asks his mobile device for any alerts and status. As he is getting ready, information from his dashboard is summarized and read out to him. Frictionless gate entry status: 10 secs per arrival- 0 incidents, 2 intrusions detected on his Smart Fence – perimeter defense system, Drone patrol dispatched immediately and determined to be harmless, Air Quality sensors – detected increased amounts of allergens not dangerous but alerted the Health Department with a sample/profile, Water (quality detection in the water supply lines: transmission main on campus and distribution lines) and soil Quality sensors – Normal, Perimeter sensors (thermal, vibration, moisture/flood etc.) – normal,

All building management systems working optimally except for Building 75 where the temperature is 3 degrees higher than set point. The Building Analytics system is analyzing the reason for this and will be taking action shortly. You have saved $2.4M YTD on energy savings and labor costs. The water leak detection (acoustic sensors in potholes and fire hydrants) system is closely monitoring 6 leaks caused by the earthquake 3 months ago, 4 major ones are fixed, and 2 smaller ones are scheduled to be fixed. Water loss from leaks has been minimized from 20000 gallons a day to 100 gallons a day.

Fuel Monitoring system alerts that the current fuel levels are only enough to sustain garrison operations for 2.5 weeks. It has automatically placed the order for fuel to support an additional half week of operations. Structure Monitor sensors, monitoring the supply lines for the garrison, have detected 9 cracks in buildings, bridges, railroad lines and roads within a 3-mile radius of the garrison. Only 1 of them was determined to be severe and Public Works has been dispatched to repair it.

The 10 containers carrying supplies and munitions from this garrison to multiple locations in the Middle East and Afghanistan have been successfully tracked and delivered (Container View). Asset monitoring system has received notification of a sensitive missile container being tampered with while in the air. Using Biometrics, the person has been identified as Sgt. Smith and an investigation has been initiated. All tanks, except 1, are ready for deployment with the latest versions, patches, maintenance, and instrumentation. One of the autonomous tanks was found to be infected with zero-day malware, situation has been remedied and it will be ready for deployment shortly.

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