Mind-your-own-business (soleirolia soleirolii)

Mind-your-own-business (Soleirolia soleirolii) is a very small, but troublesome perennial lawn weed. It can become very difficult to control if allowed to spread onto a lawn. It often begins to grow in a shady, damp corner and easily spreads into the grass. The latin name soleirolia literally means “one species” and the plant also has a latin synonym Helxine soleirolii. It is also… Read More »

When should I start mowing my lawn?

At the beginning of a new growing season, you should start to mow your lawn when it shows sign of growth. In the UK we are experiencing very mild winters. Climate change is affecting plants, changing their growth patterns. Grasses start to grow when the soil warms. In the UK, our winters have become much warmer. Soil temperatures… Read More »

Why do lawns need to be fertilised?

Grass grows all over the world. It is one of our planets most successful plants. Vast open plains of grass can sustain huge wildlife populations and thrive in the wild. No one artificially fertilises the plains of Africa or the wild tundra, so why do we need to fertilise our lawns? Grasses require key elements to survive and… Read More »