What is a chafer grub?

By | 08/12/2017

A chafer grub is the larval stage of a chafer beetle. They are white C-shaped grubs with a brown head and 3 pairs of legs at the front of their body. Chafer beetles are the common name for one of many species of Scarabaeidae flying beetles in the UK. The adults beetles emerge from their pupa in the ground… Read More »

Chafer beetle life cycle

By | 30/11/2017

The chafer beetle life cycle is typical of other beetles in the Scarabaeidae family of beetles. Eggs are laid into the soil which hatch into small white grubs. Then, after a lengthy period of growth, these grubs pupate and the transform into their adult forms and take to the air to mate. They are an interesting species to take a… Read More »

Glyphosate license extended for five years by EU

By | 29/11/2017

The weedkiller chemical called Glyphosate has been in the news recently. The 15 year license for public use in the European Union was due to expire on December 15th 2017. This license has now been extended for another 5 years to 2022. Glyphosate has featured heavily in sensational press articles in recent years due to the World Health… Read More »