The first case of red thread disease in 2013

By | 29/05/2013

Red thread disease (Laetisaria fuciformis) is a fungal infection which can attack grass in warm, wet summers. In 2012, red thread rose to almost epidemic levels, infecting almost 70% of lawns in the South Manchester area. The recent wet weather has meant that the grass sward is damp for most of the day which are ideal conditions for… Read More »

Are Lawnscience treatments safe for pets?

By | 24/05/2013

I am often asked if the Lawnscience lawn care treatments are safe for pets. The answer is generally yes, however there are some special cases for some small animals where a few lawn care treatments may become an issue and care should be taken to ensure safety. Cats, dogs and lawn care The most common pets, cats and… Read More »

Lawnscience May 2013 Newsletter

By | 03/05/2013

Hi, and welcome to my May newsletter. Now that spring has finally arrived, all lawns have begun to grow at a fantastic rate and are greening up almost daily. Hopefully you have managed to get one or two mows in so far this year, but if you haven’t found time just yet, don’t worry as letting your grass… Read More »