How can I tell if my lawn needs aerating?

By | 26/11/2012

All lawns will benefit from aerating, and from the point of view of a domestic lawn, it is not possible to aerate it too much! Lawns love to have an aeration treatment applied, and always react really well by greening up and thickening. The very best premiership football pitches will be spiked after every match, to open up… Read More »

What is lawn compaction?

By | 25/11/2012

This is the first part in a series of posts I’ll be publishing about lawn aeration, detailing what aeration is, why you need to aerate your lawn, when you should aerate your lawn, how you should do it and the benefits that aeration treatments bring to your grass. Aeration is the treatment to relieve a compacted lawn, so… Read More »

Lawnscience November 2012 Newsletter

By | 13/11/2012

Welcome to the Lawnscience November newsletter! The clocks have gone back, nights are drawing in, some might think there’s not much work to be done on lawns, but that simply is not true. The lawn you have next spring will be determined by how you look after it over the winter, so in this newsletter I will be… Read More »