Spring … Where are you?

By | 22/03/2013

This time last year (spring 2012), the north west of England was bathing in a middle of a lush heatwave. With daily temperatures pushing 20 degrees Celcius and bright sunshine cheering everyone up. Today, those warm sunny days seem like a dream. Don’t believe me? Then have a look at the historical weather pages for Manchester over on World… Read More »

Lawnscience March 2013 Newsletter

By | 12/03/2013

Hi, and welcome to my March newsletter. I hope you are all well, and are keeping warm during this rather unwelcome cold snap. The snow earlier this week caught me a little by surprise, but hopefully it will be short-lived and spring will be back on track soon. Many lawns are looking in a rather sorry state at… Read More »

How to rejuvenate your lawn this spring

By | 05/03/2013

The winter of 2012/2013 has been a difficult time for the humble British lawn. The almost constant damp conditions in the sward of the grass have encouraged widespread fungal infections within the grass and the wet soil has leached out many of the valuable nutrients which the grass depends on to keep its immune system topped up. These… Read More »