Red thread on a lawn … in January!

By | 07/01/2013

On my first day back out on the van after the Christmas break and the first treatment rounds of the new year saw some very sorry-looking lawns. South Manchester has experienced almost continual rain now for many months, often torrential. Many of my lawns have been saturated and, in many cases have had to put up with standing… Read More »

Lawnscience December 2012 Newsletter

By | 10/12/2012

Hi, and welcome to my December newsletter. Now that the first frosts have arrived and temperatures are gradually falling, I’d just thought I’d send you a few tips for your your garden to help ease its journey through the winter and help it survive through to the other side! Tip 1: Bring in any solar garden lights. Many… Read More »

What should you do with the leaves on your lawn?

By | 03/12/2012

As autumn draws to a close, leaves falling on your lawn is as inevitable as the nights drawing in. But what is the best practice in dealing with this difficult annual lawn care issue? Realistically, you have three options in dealing with leaves on your lawn: Option 1: Just “leave” them on your lawn! Leaving fallen leaves on… Read More »