Does your grass have a Red Thread infection?

In the North West of England, we are currently experiencing a prolonged period of warm, wet weather. Such conditions are perfect for the spread of fungal infections throughout lawn turf, as damp grass traps spores and creates the ideal environment for their growth. The most common, especially at the moment, is the fungus commonly called “Red Thread” (laetisaria… Read More »

Rain, rain and more rain!

Nearly three weeks of heavy April showers  in 2012 and lawns all over south Manchester are starting to look lush and green, if not a bit soggy! If you are experiencing a lot of rain and your lawn is looking rather drowned at the moment the most important thing you can do is keep off it as much… Read More »

How NOT to scarify your lawn!

One of my lawn care customers is the proud owner of a gorgeous garden, beds filled with exotic plants and a lovely lush, green, weed free lawn that sets it all off … that was until her gardener scarified it for her a couple of weeks ago. In trying to save a bit of money, this poor lady… Read More »