How to overseed your lawn with new grass seed

By | 21/10/2012

Thinking of overseeding your lawn? Then here are the reasons why you should and some quick tips on how overseed your lawn and to get the best out of the treatment. The grasses in any lawn can thin over time, causing bare patches and weak areas. This can be caused by many reasons including compaction, increased shade from shrubs… Read More »

Heavy rain delays autumn lawn regenerations

By | 02/10/2012

In keeping with the rest of 2012, September has seen an enormous amount of rain fall in the region. This has meant that many Lawnscience lawns have been off-limits due to saturated ground and standing water. Heavy rain in the autumn In Manchester, we don’t get a long window to carry out the much needed Autumn lawn scarifications.… Read More »

Regeneration of the lawns at the Skyline Central

By | 19/09/2012

At the start of 2012 I was asked to put a programme together to regenerate the very poor quality lawns at the Skyline Central apartment buildings in Central Manchester. Upon surveying, I quickly found that these lawns were having a really tough time and had a number of key problems which needed to be addressed to get them… Read More »