How often should you scarify your lawn?

By | 18/01/2018

I am often asked by customers how often should you scarify a lawn? The answer is a lot less than you may expect. Scarification is the mechanical process of removing thatch from your lawn. Thatch is the layer of grass leaves and organic matter which can build up in the lawn above the soil surface. How many times you… Read More »

Red thread lawn disease (laetisaria fuciformis)

By | 17/01/2018

Red thread (laetisaria fuciformis) is a parasitic fungal disease which infects grass. It can appear in conjunction with pink patch lawn disease, causing similar symptoms. The disease causes areas of grass to discolour. These are usually circular, but they can coalesce into larger areas. These patches can appear over a few days, and may stay for several weeks.… Read More »

Top 5 ways to improve the look of your lawn

By | 16/01/2018

1:- Raise the cutting height One of the easiest ways to improve the look of your lawn is to raise the cutting height of your mower. Too many homeowners cut their grass far too short. They do this with the aim of getting it to look like a bowling green. This is a fallacy. You don’t have the… Read More »