How NOT to scarify your lawn!

By | 06/04/2012

One of my lawn care customers is the proud owner of a gorgeous garden, beds filled with exotic plants and a lovely lush, green, weed free lawn that sets it all off … that was until her gardener scarified it for her a couple of weeks ago. In trying to save a bit of money, this poor lady… Read More »

What can I do about the worm casts on my lawn?

By | 04/03/2012

Worms work their way through the soil, breaking down organic matter. A worm cast occurs on the surface of the soil and is a small mound of muddy soil ejected from the digestion system of some species of these earthworms. Some lawns can have a large amount of worm activity. Worm activity in the winter can be a… Read More »

Has moss taken over your lawn?

By | 27/02/2012

Here in the North West of England, the winter of 2011 / 2012 has been warm and damp for nearly six months, which has been great for autumn-seeded grass, but also ideal conditions for moss. If your lawn has an area of shade, is overly compacted, suffers with poor drainage or is in an acidic soil area, then… Read More »