September 19, 2020

Some People Disagreed with Having to Look Over a Fence in the First Place

Phrasing that contrasted equality and equity seems like the most popular version of my graphic, as this early example shows. Note that someone added some kind of watermark or logo of their own in the middle of my original image.

Posted to blog KMbeing: March 15, 2013

Original source unknown

Later in 2013, Shafin Verani, a Pakistani man living in Kenya Reddit lol, integrated my images into a SlideShare presentation entitled “Matters Related to Gender in the Quran.”

Shafin Verani

A 2015 DailyKos story attributed my image as follows: Equity image credit: Please note, this image was adapted from an image adapted by the City of Portland, Oregon, Office of Equity and Human Rights from the original graphic: Well, no, not exactly…

Then emerged versions that spelled out what people thought the lesson should be, such as this one, from a site for kids in the Seattle area, that was fairly widely shared:

A teacher in Singapore even printed out that version for her classroom. Someone incorporated the image into a video poem.

Leave it to the Aussies to replace my baseball background scene with a cricket match (and, thoughtfully, to also get some girls involved):

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