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Question: Overseeding and feeding a lawn?

By | 16/08/2017

I received this question in August 2017 from a reader called Max. He is wondering about combining overseeding and feeding on his lawn. I am a complete beginner with lawn care and am sorting out a neglected lawn. The lawn was fed in mid July and is going to be fed again 10-12 weeks later as recommended on… Read More »

Problems of sustained over-fertilisation of grass

By | 22/12/2015

I have recently taken on a number of lawns that have previously been maintained by “lawn care professionals”, and I have been absolutely aghast at how bad these customers’ lawns have become as a result of a poor-quality fertilisation programme. The worst of these lawns are undoubtedly those which have been “cared for” for by these companies for many… Read More »