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Question: Lawn looking like straw after cut

By | 15/08/2017

I received this question from a reader from surrey in August 2017 who is worried his newly turfed lawn looks like straw. Hi. Unfortunately I live in surrey but came across your site. Thank you for offering to reply to my email. I installed a lawn 3 months ago. I put down 20 tonnes of topsoil. It was… Read More »

The first case of red thread disease in 2013

By | 29/05/2013

Red thread disease (Laetisaria fuciformis) is a fungal infection which can attack grass in warm, wet summers. In 2012, red thread rose to almost epidemic levels, infecting almost 70% of lawns in the South Manchester area. The recent wet weather has meant that the grass sward is damp for most of the day which are ideal conditions for… Read More »

Red thread on a lawn … in January!

By | 07/01/2013

On my first day back out on the van after the Christmas break and the first treatment rounds of the new year saw some very sorry-looking lawns. South Manchester has experienced almost continual rain now for many months, often torrential. Many of my lawns have been saturated and, in many cases have had to put up with standing… Read More »