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Pink patch lawn disease (limonomyces roseipellis)

By | 07/01/2018

Pink patch (limonomyces roseipellis) is a parasitic fungus which can infect lawn grass. It often appears in conjunction with red thread lawn disease, causing similar symptoms. The disease causes areas of grass to discolour. These are usually circular, but they can coalesce into larger areas. These patches can appear over a few days, and may stay for several… Read More »

Fusarium patch lawn disease (microdochium nivale)

By | 17/11/2016

Fusarium patch disease is a very common fungal lawn disease throughout the whole of the UK. It is also sometimes called fuzz, snow mould or Microdochium patch. The current Latin name for it is Microdochium nivale (syn. Monographella nivalis). It was previously called Fusarium nivale, from which it gained its most common name. Fusarium patch disease is the most common cause… Read More »

Red thread on a lawn … in January!

By | 07/01/2013

On my first day back out on the van after the Christmas break and the first treatment rounds of the new year saw some very sorry-looking lawns. South Manchester has experienced almost continual rain now for many months, often torrential. Many of my lawns have been saturated and, in many cases have had to put up with standing… Read More »