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Lawnscience October 2013 Newsletter

Hello, and welcome to my October 2013 newsletter. It seems that, in keeping with the other seasons this year, autumn has arrived late but I’m not complaining! Temperatures are still well above average, with no signs of frost on the horizon and this trend is set to continue well into November. Unfortunately that also means very blustery and… Read More »

Lawnscience June 2013 Newsletter

Hi, and welcome to my June newsletter. After a dry few weeks, lawns have now had a really good watering from the recent heavy rain showers and you will notice that your grass will really spring into life next week. The previous month or so has been a tough period for grass, with the sunny days literally cooking… Read More »

Lawnscience May 2013 Newsletter

Hi, and welcome to my May newsletter. Now that spring has finally arrived, all lawns have begun to grow at a fantastic rate and are greening up almost daily. Hopefully you have managed to get one or two mows in so far this year, but if you haven’t found time just yet, don’t worry as letting your grass… Read More »