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Should I use hollow or solid-tines to aerate lawn?

By | 30/11/2012

So you have decided that your lawn is compacted, and would like to treat it with an aeration treatment. But should you hollow-tine aerate, or solid-tine aerate? Firstly, I’ll just explain what each version of the treatment is. Then go on to explain the merits of each. Finally then look at which you should consider for your lawn. What… Read More »

When should I aerate my lawn?

By | 29/11/2012

Aeration is one of the most beneficial treatments you can do to a lawn. Over time, all lawns will gradually become compacted through foot traffic, mowing and naturally through gravity and rainfall. Aeration is the mechanical treatment to help alleviate this compaction by punching holes all over the lawn. A basic lawn aeration can be carried out by… Read More »