September 19, 2020

UHD channel 4KUniverse joins Post TV Luxembourg

4KUniverse has joined the PostTV IPTV platform in Luxembourg.

PostTV is an IPTV platform offering new and innovative approaches to pay-tv in their à la-carte package, Entertain Me.

Entertain Me is the latest subscription based package of PostTV that allows customers to customise their monthly subscriptions. The package has over 100 channels available in English, German, French and many other languages and allows users to add and remove channels independently each month. 4KUniverse is a 24hr 4K HDR general entertainment TV channel that airs original series, movies, documentaries, sports and primetime programmes in High Dynamic Range. 4Kuniverse is listed among the very first 4K Ultra HD channels in the market and has continued to guarantee high quality, screen worthy, life-like picture quality content in all genres. The channel has programs such as The Empire of winds, Plant-based by Nafsika 4K, Model Turned Superstar 4K and Eddie is a Yeti 4K.

“I am proud to have 4Kuniverse join the Entertain me package at PostTV. We are always doing our best to get quality content for POST Luxembourg, and the ‘Entertain me’ package is proof of that.” noted Sven Brecker, CEO of Alteox Media Consulting, who was the facilitator of the partnership between the two parties.

“4KUniverse’s availability in POST Luxembourg’s ‘Entertain Me’ package promises subscribers the highest quality picture with 4K HDR,” says Matthew Mancinelli, CEO of 4KUniverse. “Prepare to be amazed.”


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